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The information provided on these pages is intended to assist Public Health Officers and Technicians in finding Public Health related information and resources (in one central location) to assist in deployments, your jobs, and your daily lives. 

Most everything you'll find on these pages is (or will be) available to download as .pdf files.  If a page is available in .pdf format, simply click on the link next to the icon to launch your Adobe Acrobat Reader® program. Then save the files to your hard drive or a disc.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader
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Please feel free to download non-copyrighted files and images to a CD-ROM disc, or USB thumb drive, so that if you are deployed, you have the information and resources with you.

I have made every attempt to give credit where credit is due. If I have omitted a source or reference, it is merely accidental.  If you notice a source or reference that is not cited appropriately, please notify me so that I may correct the problem.

Security - I have a very strict security policy.  Nothing comes into or out of my site without being thoroughly screened and scanned for viruses.  I have made every attempt to ensure that all documents and executable programs on these pages are free from viruses, worms, backdoor trojans, etc.  However, people who write these nasty little programs are very clever.  Make sure you have adequate antivirus software installed on your machine before downloading anything from any site.

Any product that is mentioned does not constitute an endorsement by myself, the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or any other US governmental agency.  These pages are not intended to provide a definitive medical diagnosis or means of treatment.  They are intended as resources only.  Please seek medical advice from a physician or other qualified healthcare provider. Disclaimer

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Michael J. Cuomo, MPH

 Diagnosing Medical Parasites: A Public Health Officers Guide to Assisting Laboratory and Medical Officers 

 Public Health Glossary - 3rd Edition